Thursday, September 8, 2011

OOTD - the Color Purple

some friends and i went to the movies; Now, this is something i normally would wear if i wanted to impress a hot date LOL! but .... at the moment, I haven't dolled up in quite awhile so I made it exceptional. the Item i would like to emphasize on is my purple cardigan i got from my local Walmart. I love this purple cardigan so much!, just because it can make your outfits feel different. the POP of color and the vibe it gives off is Magical [i would say]. I call it "the BARNEY magic!" any bright color is fine and will work for any outfit combo, but since I have really tan skin tone, i like to stay in the darker family color cycle. ex: purple, blue, green, red, orange, etc.. i think that every girl should own a color cardigan just because it'll be a life saver when your having one of those days "FASHION BREAKDOWN" a color cardigan just pulls away the attention and neutralize the impact of an over-done print shirt, or if your pair it with a solid t-shirt, or shirt.. the pop of color will make the outfit more interesting.
  • sweater: walmart
  • Tank: Ross
  • shorts: Sears
  • Shoes: DD's Discount
  • Domo: my baby brother won it from playing game at state fair 


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